1: Stolen

"There’s always something new happening or new information that’s being revealed. It gives the story a great pace that makes it exciting and easy to keep reading."

"Even if your story is mostly plot-driven, you have created a deeper level of existential thoughts, particularly with Maisie and how she’s changing. It’s good, makes your script interesting and adds an extra dimension."

"you manage to combine classical elements in a new way, and twist them, so that you surprise and creates something new."

- Editor Joel Zachrisson





"... I love it and I will read Stolen many times ❤❤ Can really recommend Stolen"

- Michaela Larsson


"Wow! From first to last page, I was hooked. Everything in this book is just so great."

- Natascha Dahl




"The language is good and the book is fairly easy to read. Always fun to challenge yourself to read genres I usually don't read. I like this book! Wondering how it all is going to end."

- Magnus Svensson


"Kajsa Artifex has written a nice story and I both hope, and think, that the second part of the series will clear up a lot of things."

- Anna Hallqvist


"The exciting cliffhanger at the end leaves the reader with a direct wish for more, and the longing for the next book and the rest is immediate and strong, which of course gives both the author and the book a very high grade. Even if many of the mysteries and questions that came during the book is answered by the end, the reader still have the feeling of a lot more is to be expected."

- Sabina Borenius



"An intriguing cover that builds up expectations, and then they come true. Stolen is the first book in a series written by K. Artifex. An easy-to-read and fast paced binge-reading with good language and well-written characters."

- i_min_bokhylla

"I read this one in one go. Incredibly exciting and good pacing throughout the book.."

- bokpratochmat

"The book was truly filled with action and I think it could appeal to many who like books with speed."

- bokcillen

"Couldn't put it down and finished in just a few hours!"

- cbsocialamedier


"The book is a real pageturner & there's hardly any time to breathe between the events. As the characters are constantly in trouble & have to fight against the TIME to survive or to save the victim. Feeling like an empty shell & finding back to the inner glow & the fire of wanting to continue living & moving on after a trauma is the strongest thing a person can do. hopefully the author will allow Maisie to become the person I want her to become & take back the power over her own life."

- frululehamilton



"The story is well-written and I admire the fantasy of the author, wish I had the same. For readers who like fantasy this is a must, highly recommended."

- Jessica